Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hold On by Kristen Ashley

When it comes to keep his woman and her boy safe Merry goes that extra mile, “spending the night, Cher.” I felt my eyes get big at this declaration, but I didn’t speak or move. “With you in your bed.” There are times a man has to let his woman know that he's not up for it, “babe.” I started, my eyes darting from his crotch to his face. Even though he caught me checking out his package, all he said was, “Tired.” Merry is one of those men that can say whatever and it always sounds hot, “eff no,” he answered. “But it is me tellin’ you to get off my ***k. I need to go to the john and get rid of this effin’ condom so I can bang you again.” I really loved this book, Merry was all alpha and Cher knew how to handle her man.

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