Sunday, September 13, 2015

Duke by Candace Blevins

Duke can be a mean, hard man at times, “I won’t give you another orgasm until I’ve come — either on you or in you — three times. There are consequences for denying me, Beautiful. This is it.” Duke may be bossy but he's a considerate man where his woman is concerned, "he didn’t slow down to say hi to anyone in the clubhouse, but walked straight to his room and pointed to a drawer. “I went shopping. Yoga pants and tees are in there, along with some underwear. I’m going out on patrol. MacGyver’s in the control room, let him know if you need a laptop, but stay in here. Don’t go out in the clubhouse. Go to bed when you get sleepy, probably be at least three before I come back.” I loved this book MC, and wolves I was in heaven.

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