Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

I'm thinking Oiver's well endowment pleases Lola immensely, "it’s there beneath his boxers, half-hard, obviously uncut, following the line of his hip. My God, it’s thick. And if Oliver is a grow’er, he could knock a woman’s teeth out when he effs her." I fell head over heels in love with Oliver, "his lips press to my neck, voice thick with the approach of sleep. “I’m effing exhausted, but I don’t know how long I can sleep knowing you’re in my bed.” Lola knows what to say to get her man all giddy, “I think I’ll be surprised every time you take your pants off,” she says absently. “Your ***k is unreal.” Hearing Lola say my ***k is unreal will never get old. Never." I really loved this book, this is a series that I hope the author continues and introduces to new characters.

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