Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wanted:The Devil's Riders Trilogy by Joanna Blake

Wanted By The Devil:
Kaylie was just so sweet and innocent you couldn't help but love her, "I'm sorry… I've never… been with anyone else." He just stared at her, the look in his eyes making her shiver. "Did I do something wrong? Maybe you don't want to be with someone as inexperienced as me." Devlin surprised me yes he was rough and tough but he was really sweet and caring when it came to his old lady. I liked this book it was a quick and enjoyable read.
Still Waters:
Jack's body reactions to Janet were entertaining, they'd happen at the worst time, "Jesus, he hadn't had this many boners since he was 15. He didn't like it. It was disconcerting for someone like him who liked to be in control. He scowled and adjusted his package in his jeans." Jack appreciates his woman's assets, "Janet was wearing shorts today. Tight little denim shorts that hugged her hips and a**. And Jesus, what an a**." Jack was my type of man he was moody, arrogant, silent, bossy and alpha.
Safe In His Arms:
You could tell Sally had Donnie's balls in the palm of her hands and that's with their first few meetings, "so, do you want a beer?" She nodded shyly and he smiled, feeling much more at ease. A beer. He could get her a beer." Sometimes Donnie's woman has to keep her man focused:
"Not yet."
"Not yet."
"Donnie. Take your pants off."
He lifted his head and stared at her, his eyes dark with passion.
There's some coaxing involved when it comes to getting his woman on his bike while she has coffee, "I'll get a coffee maker." She clutched her coffee cup even tighter . He sighed. She was too cute. "I'll get it today." Donnie is my favorite out of these men there was something about him that made him entertaining.

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