Friday, June 26, 2015

The Reedemer by J.D. Chase

***************************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS************************

The first book's ending gutted me I wasn't expecting it so I eagerly started this one. Our girl can only take so much before cracking and this book I was team Isla, "that’s it," she muttered. "I’ve really had enough of today, it can eff right off. I need that drink." I eagerly kept turning pages to see what would come next. There were times I wondered if Xander liked keeping his woman out of her clothes, "damn it. I have no clothes here. Could you grab them for me, please?" she asked, standing in front of the mirror and trying to detangle her bed hair with her fingers. Xander stepped behind her, pressing his morning wood into her back as he grabbed her breasts roughly." Secretly I think Xander likes his woman fiery passion that sparks out in and out of the bedroom, "Jesus Christ, woman, I take it back. You don’t play hardball, you rewrite the effing rulebook. I don’t think I’ll bother hiring the finest legal counsel that money can buy to deal with my divorce, I’ll just send you. Janine will end up giving me everything and more, just to get you out of there." I'm really glad things worked out I like Xander and Isla together.

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