Friday, June 26, 2015

The Player by J.D. Chase

Xander is the type of person who doesnt like to be disturbed while talking to his woman, "you heard her,’ snapped Xander. ‘She said everything’s fine. Haven’t you got something to be getting on with?" You know that song by Katy Perrry hot and cold that describes Xander, "his eyebrows raised sharply and he pursed his lips . "I’m starving. Let me give you a lift home or . . . we could grab dinner somewhere and continue our discussion. It’ll be on me – I’ll file it under expenses." He gave her a cheeky wink, making her giggle. He didn’t seem the winking type." Xander just amused me, "er, Red . . . having your hand grasping my ***k is fantastic, don’t get me wrong , but if you keep rubbing it like that, I think I’ll explode." He's just so honest, "but you made it hard. I’ve been battling burgeoning erections since I first laid eyes on you last Monday . Every time I walk away from you I have to readjust my pants." Xander likes when his woman surprises him, "you dirty minx . . . why didn’t you tell me you weren’t wearing knickers? I’ve sat in that car and . . . oh eff it!" Wasn't expecting that ending or the cliffhanger, next book NOW! Please.

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