Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stolen and Forgiven by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan

I liked Holden's sweet side, "I don‘t ask anyone else. For you? You, I will always ask, always let have a choice. You‘re my mate, Ariel. You‘re mine."
Holden sure has these romantic tendencies about him, "Eff. You‘re mine, Ariel. Anything you need. Anything you want. You got it. Let me eff you hard tonight then we can make love in the moonlight. How does that sound?" I enjoyed this story and am eagerly wanting more.
Sorry my boy either your bat**** crazy or your just getting to big for your breeches with egging Cora on, "that‘s not what you used to say," he growled, leaning down until they were nose to nose. "Once you begged for my touch. My kisses." Cora has some claws on her, she's a feisty little thing, "at least Max wouldn‘t bed me while he was looking for another mate." Soren obviously is not a cleanly person , "because you‘re a slob," she muttered, waving a hand toward the clothes he‘d tossed on a nearby rug. "You can‘t just drop your clothes on the floor." I'm pretty positive I'm going to enjoy this series from what the blurbs are saying it's a plethora of shifters coming together not just one specific kind.

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