Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Checkmate by R.L Mathewson

Connor at times that boy is cruising for a bruising, "I tell you what, Rory," he said in a seductive whisper that would probably make other women tremble with need, but only managed to set her rage off by another notch, "if you're really good I might just let you make me some hot cocoa instead of just fetching my coffee." When needing to talk out his frustrations Connor finds it best to talk to a dog, "why the hell did I kiss her?" Connor muttered as he leaned back against his truck. Bunny barked his answer, tapering it off with a growl of disapproval. He sighed heavily even as he nodded his agreement. "Exactly. Woman eff with your head, buddy. Remember that." Rory, girl you kill me, "I was planning on going for your nipples, not your a**," she felt obligated to point out." Another book well done I love this series.

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