Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Perfection by R.L Mathewson

Trevor amused the hell out of me, "with a sigh, he opened the jar and grabbed a handful of mini treats and held them up. “You’re going to keep your mug shut about the spider, right?” Wagging his tail happily, Toby barked. “That’s what I thought,” he said, tossing the dog a biscuit." Once Trevor's beast is unleashed there's not going back, “where are you going?” Trevor suddenly asked, drawing her attention to the bathroom door where he stood naked and hard, she noted with surprise. “Get your a** back on the bed, Zoe. We’re not done,” he ordered softly as he ripped open a condom and slid it on." Trevor is really a handset person sometimes his woman has to fight him off, “I’m not hiding anything so stop groping my a**, you pervert!” she snapped as she renewed her struggle, but thankfully was careful not to kick out at him, which his balls truly appreciated." These Bradford men really are a hoot, “go,” he said, giving her another nudge that thankfully got her moving. “The sooner you get dressed, the sooner you can start fawning over me like a proper date. And remember, just because I agreed to go out on this date with you doesn’t mean that I’m easy. I expect you to do a little work to get me out of my pants.” I love this series.

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