Saturday, June 27, 2015

Outlaw's Bride by Nicole Snow

Jesus Roman you could sound a little happier, “we're gonna be one big, happy family, or I'm doing this ***t on my own. You'll learn to smile real big and be the best old lady a man's ever had in the entire Grizzlies MC. I hope to eff you packed something that'll make my ***k throb on our honeymoon.” I liked the sorta playful Roman, "before she could turn and get a step away, I ripped off the towel, showing her the mean, throbbing ***k that hadn't gone away all morning. “That's what you get for using my real name , babe. Take a good look. I don't wanna hear that ***t unless you're moaning it in bed. Preferably later tonight. I'm Roman every second I'm not in you.” When it comes to his woman he's always an eager beaver,  “eff, babe,” he snarled, coming up for air at last. “You kiss me like that again, and we won't even stick around for the reception.” I really do love this series and the men in it.

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