Saturday, June 27, 2015

Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn

Our girl Elizabeth sure knows how to shock people, “my mother’s a director for one of the largest anti-gun coalition companies in the United States.” I sat the now stained napkin down on the table. “And my father’s a preacher.” Zane started choking on my left. Daniil began having a coughing fit on my right. The rest of them stared at me in silence." Daniil sure knows how to give a woman a compliment, “I’ve never been attracted to someone who’s as little as you. Most of my lovers have,” a gesture of an extra-large hourglass, and then he held his hand way up to his lips indicating a tall woman, “more to them. I can’t figure out why I find your kewpie-doll face, wild hair, and breakable body stimulating.” He is quite the caveman, "he growled, glaring, but quickly removed the condom and stated gruffly, “We’re going exclusive. I don’t want anyone seeing you naked but me. Do you understand now?” I really liked this book there was humor, sex and entertainment all around.

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