Monday, June 22, 2015

Evening Storm by Anne Calhoun

I was amused when Ryan got flustered, “once I saw you on your knees, it was all I could think about.” She froze, beer trickling into her mouth. “Eff my effing life,” he said, disgusted. “That came out wrong.” Simone is a feisty and vibrant woman, "her temper fired up again. “No one makes you date women like that,” she said. “Or eff them, or whatever it is you’re doing with them. It’s your choice. If you don’t like it, stop.” This hot and cold bull**** that Ryan is pulling is crap points are slowly going down on likeness. It's a good thing the boy got his head out of his butt because he was really starting to irritate me. Other than Ryan being an idgit disliked the book I liked Simone's character.

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