Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

I loved Magnus, he is just not a cat person in the beginning, "he crapped on my bed,” Magnus whispered. “That’s disgusting." He's a strange man at times, and Edie I thought she was perfect for him, "her brows drew together . “Let me get this straight. Seeing all these snakes and lizards made you horny?" It's apparent that Magnus his going to have to guard his manly bits when his woman is sleeping, "it’s fine,” Magnus said, offering her a hand as he stepped out onto the curb. “You almost kicked me in the balls twice, but no harm no foul." He only has so much attention span, "I’m about two seconds away from dragging you behind a bush and effing the daylights out of you." I loved seeing Edie come out of her shell when she was with Magnus, "where should we go? I need you now. Right now.” Her hand squeezed his a**. “God, your butt is amazing. I want this naked and on top of me." Magnus may have stamina but the way his woman is he sometimes has to remind her of his human side, "have mercy on a man’s pen**, woman,” Magnus teased. “I’m only human." I love Jessica's books I'm always eager for the next one.

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