Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter

Mikhail is seriously sexy, "your scent is maddening.” His voice was a ragged, desperate growl in her ear. “And I want nothing more than to taste you." I loved how honest he was about his intentions, "I’m going to eff you until the sun rises.” His breath was hot in her ear." He says the hottest things with what he intends to do, "feeding and sex are closely tied,” he said as though he knew her thoughts. “Which is why there is nothing better than having my fangs deep in your throat while I eff you." He'd give his girl anything, "I sent Alex out for a few things,” he murmured, placing a light kiss on her lips. “We’ll go out shopping together soon. When things have settled. Whatever you need. Want. It’s yours." I liked this book and I'm looking forward to Ronan's book.

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