Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Miss Match by Laurelin McGee

I enjoyed this book Andy and Blake are complete opposites Andy doesn't have a stick up her a**and well Blake does and he's quite blunt, "turned out he didn’t need her confirmation and felt it was relevant. “I have plenty of sex. When I’m in the mood, so to say, I simply go find what I need." Andy can be bossy in some situations and well Blake enjoys that, "never in his life had Blake been given orders during sex. It was the most goddamn sexy thing he’d ever heard." Andy is spunky and entertaining and has quite the temper, "she waited until he poked his head around the door to fling the magazine. She narrowly missed his cheek. Dammit. Why was she such a bad aim? He flung the door open. “Jesus, Andy. That was close." I really loved this book.

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