Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pretty Remedy by S.E. Hall

I loved Reece right from when we met her, "I shrug and plaster on a tight grin. “Nothing much. Your brother ditched me ‘cause my legs didn’t fly open fast enough and he landed himself right between the very accommodating pair of Ms. Parsons. But don’t worry, I got to hear the whole thing. It was”—I place my hand over my heart and sigh dreamily—“magical." Rhett I loved him as well, "you felt the answer to that, just rubbed yourself all over it.” I grab her thighs and pull her back to me. “Don’t play coy with me. And don’t act like I’m the only one on this bench thinking about my d*** sliding inside you right now." He sometimes has great ideas, "okay, well, I think it’d be nice to hear you say you’re done with all that”—I nod toward the kitchen—“and what you’d really like is to eff your man senseless before we have to meet them for dinner." I love this series i can't wait for the next book.

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