Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hate F*@k: Part Three by Ainsley Booth

Cole and Hailey are quite the handsy couple, "he can, and she’ll like it, but that was extra squeezy.” I slide my fingers under his shirt and stroke the bare, tight skin of his abdomen, tracing the ridges of his six pack as he flexes for me." Cole has quite the temper when his woman sneaks away from her bodyguard, "fine is the last effing thing it is. Scott’s lucky if he doesn’t get fired for not noticing that you dodged out of there, and what the hell were you thinking?" I liked when Cole was down to earth and relaxed he liked to show off for his girl, "it's hot out there.” I prowl toward her, pulling off my shirt. I maybe flex my abs a little— anything for my girl." I'm glad that there was no cliffhanger and things ended the way I wanted.

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