Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Grit by Margaret McHeyzer

I loved this book the back and forth between Phoenix and Jaeger was entertaining, "look Red, this whole pointing guns at me thing, it’s wearing thin ,” I say as I take a step closer to her and reach for the pistol that’s pointed at me." Jaeger gets turned on at the wrong times and it fires up his woman even more, "you’re truly demented. You’re sitting there getting a damn hard-on.” She points to my crotch, “and all I want to do is throw you and your stupid little gang out of here so I can figure out what to do." Jaeger has no issues talking dirty and telling his woman things, "it's not a crime for me to tell my woman what I want to do to her." I really loved this book I'm hoping Sarge gets a book.

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