Monday, March 30, 2015

The Consequence of Loving Colton by Rachel Van Dyken

At first I thought there would be a love triangle so I went into this book hesitantly once I figured out a love triangle was out of the question I enjoyed this book tremendously. Colton he is not shy there are quite a few scenes where the boy either is letting it hang loose, hang all out or pressing signup against a car window, "he’s facing the window and leaning against the car and I swear, Max, the whole front of his body is pressed up against . . . my car." He gets jealous quite a bit and his reactions sure are funny, "why haven’t I heard of Max?” Colton’s gaze narrowed. “ Is he a good guy? Does he still call you? Say the word and I’ll kill him if he touches you, Milo." Colton I love how in his mind he describes his state of boxer-less clad body, "I wasn’t wearing boxers. I wasn’t wearing a damn stitch underneath the jeans. I was free-balling." Milo the girl is a klutz things happen around her and Colton he doesn't mind a few certain aspects of his woman, "Milo was an animal. I’d be proudly sporting bruises come morning. I couldn’t wait to point at my arm and smirk at Jason. Ah yes, his good eye was going to get its fill." I loved this book and it's other characters along with the main ones I'm hoping Max, and Jason and Reid get their stories told.

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