Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lost Wishes by Kelly Gendron

Katie that girl is blunt, "ya know,” I sit up on the bed, “I don’t know why. Probably because no one wants to deal with you and your wallowing in self-pity s***. So, do you have the deed or not." A couple of my favorite scenes happen on the boat and the part with the cell phone and Fallon getting agitated entertained me, "he grabs my hand, pulls the phone from my clutched fingers, and tosses it overboard. “There, now you won’t need to worry about getting a effing signal." Fallon did sometimes annoy me like in one scene where he was straight and to the point it felt like he had no feelings and we being a jerk, "sorry, stowaway. You invited me here for one reason. Sex, right? Well, there ain’t much I got to offer, but that I can certainly do. So, where is it? Or did you want me to eff you right here in the kitchen? On the table? The counter?" Other times I found him completely entertaining, "She’s comfortable with her body. She walks around naked—a lot. So I got a hard-on, like all the effing time. Still, she’s more than eager to take care of that bad boy whenever he needs it. Again, not complaining." I enjoyed this book this series has always been a favorite of mine and I'm glad Kelly adds new characters and continues to grow it.

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