Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chase Me by Tessa Bailey

Roxy was smart, sexy and sassy and I loved her, "as he fumbled in his jeans pocket, Roxy smirked. “Which tip are we referring to here? I did just sing an ode to your penis." At first I thought Louis was a geeky guy but once he started showing his kinky side I fell in love with him, "the first time you ride me, I’m going to grip your ass just like this. I’m going to move you where I want you. How fast. How slow. It’ll all be up to me and this grip." Roxy makes any situation funny and Louis being caught with his hand in the cookie jar to say the least was funny, "I’m glad you think it’s funny. I didn’t quite . . . polish the jewels . . . as much as I needed to. The situation is not under control." He's also not a patient man, "Louis’s hips came off the bed on a curse. “For chrissake, get up here so I can eff you." I loved this book it was funny and entertaining.

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