Saturday, February 28, 2015

Velvet Kisses by Addison Moore

Wyatt he amused me, "my boxers twitch with the sound of her approving groan. I'll have to memorize that sound for the shower later." The boy is well endowed, "Wyatt is already saluting me with the most impressive specimen known to all of man. Dear God. I fight hard not to take pictures stat and instagram the s*** out of this." Obviously his girl wants to share that endowment with the world. In emergencies Wyatt is an action man he will run out naked to save s*** not caring who sees him:
        "Marley!" Wyatt jogs over, wagging and panting. Both Annie and I are riveted at the way his pe*** swings like a pendulum.
         "No wonder you don't want to get dressed," she says under her breath.
This was an interesting read with Wyatt being without a care in the world in some scenes. 

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