Saturday, February 28, 2015

Relent by Nina Levine

Kick he gets kick out of pi**ing off his woman, "I couldn't hide it, I grinned. And that pi**ed her oiff even more. Story of my effing life. "What the eff, Kick?" she snapped." He's proud of the qualities he has as well as he should be, "she's right, but I do make sure my woman is satisfied in other ways on Valentine's Day," he said, eyes still on me, a promise held deep inside them." When a man knows he has something good and not to mess with it, means he's a keeper, "to have Evie back in my life made me the happiest effer on the planet. I wasn't going to eff this up again." Obviously Evie needs to keep her man situated in not just the bedroom, "well, you could try not feeding me, but I doubt you'll get much out of me. My woman drained most of my energy last night." He likes his woman wearing certain things just for him and not other men, "I let her lead me, my eyes never leaving her a**. "Sweetheart, I don't want you going out in those shorts. They hardly cover your a**, and I don't need to be dealing with mothereffers checking you out, 'cause that s*** could lead to me ending up in jail." I think this is going to be another series Nina does great in. 

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