Friday, February 27, 2015

Force of Attraction by D. D. Ayres

Cole that girl likes to tease her man, "you look good. No more Hulk." She ran a finger around one of his nipples and smiled as it beaded up. 'All this lean smooth muscle is very tempting. But you know that, don't you?" I mean she's the type of girl to just grab her man by the balls, "she grasped his c*** with one hand, the pulsing heat of it rigid proof of his virility, and cupped his balls, full and weighty, in her other hand. "You're a lot of man." These two are just so playful when their guards are down:
       "Are we ready?"
      Scott sat up and reached for her, cupping her sweet naked a** in his palms. "For anything." 
I loved this book Scott knew how to handle his woman and his woman knew how to handle him all with the help of some puppy dogs. 

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