Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashionably Dead in Diapers by Robyn Peterman

Astrid and the gang are back and Astrid has some learning to do when it comes to babies, "Samuel," I said sternly. "You just said some really sh**y words. We do not effing speak like that in this house. Do you understand Mommy?" Ethan that boy is so sexually frustrated he's ready to s*** a brick, "what?" he bellowed in frustration as he scanned the area around us. "I don't see or feel danger." Astrid and Ethan like to roll and Astrid can be a tease, "that is a monster," I agreed gravely as I stroked him. "It's too big to fit inside me so I'll just give you a hand job and then you can take me home." There are times when Astrid is impatient and her man needs to deal with her with a firm hand, "Astrid, stop. I will feed from you while we make love, but I have to ask a very important question first." I enjoyed this book, I loved the new additions that were added to the characters especially baby Samuel. 

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