Monday, February 23, 2015

Desert Moon by Anna Lowe

Audrey I didn't like her she was a total bimbo and just upset me, "hmpf," Audrey said by way of greeting. "You'll get fat eating all that pie." He could tell a retort was trying to itch it's way out of Lana, but she swallowed it along with another bite of the pie." Lana she likes to tempt her man and it brings out the most animalistic side, "you're very thorough. Covered me well and good with your scent, alpha." Cody that boy needs to know when to back off because his brother is like half a second from upslapping him:
         "Mine," he growled back. 
        Cody put his hands up. "All right already!"
I liked this book, I loved the possessiveness Ty had. 

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