Monday, February 23, 2015

Blurred Lines by Tamsyn Bester

Reid that boy sometimes needs to learn to take a hint, "she turned around and stormed out, causing me to throw my hands up in defeat. God, why did she have to be so effing difficult?" When he's with his woman, he sometimes got all alpha and that was seriously hot, "when he looked at me, I could see the possessive gleam in his eye, a new kind of protectiveness that made me equally possessive." His declaration of love could use some work, "but I still love you," he added, "even when you drive me crazy, and when you pi** me off." There are times he likes to pick on his woman's needs but he should learn she gets some he gets some, "my girl's a little horny this morning," he said. I could hear the smugness in his grin." I'm really excited Tamsyn wrote Reid and Jade's story. 

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