Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rough Justice by Sarah Castille

Jagger is a protective man, "Jagger thudded a knife on the table between the outstretched fingers of the biker's free hand. "You don't effing touch her. You don't talk to her. You don't look at her. And you sure as eff don't disrespect her." He's also a possessive man, "I don't share, Arianne. Anyone touches you, tries to lay claim to you, he'll answer to me." Jagger wants to take care of his woman, "but I handle Bunny. He owes you, I collect. You owe him, I shoot him between the effing eyes..." Arianne that girl knows how to entice her man, "so romantic. I've always wanted to have sex on a porch with a man who said he'd shoot anyone who interrupt us." Jagger can a romantic man, "Jagger jerked her closer, thrusting his knee between her legs, forcing her dress to ride dangerously high. "Sweetheart, this is how I eff." I can't wait to see the other men get a story especially Cade. 

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