Friday, October 31, 2014

What to Do with a Bad Boy by Marie Harte

Mike he's a protective dad, "I want to know why my son asked me to pass the effing potatoes last night." He crossed massive arms over his broad chest. "Something her said about bowling with you two nimrods told me you might have something to do with his mouth." Del has a mouth on her and I loved how she wasn't filtered, "you sure? I think Ray might have a few more cows out back. Jesus, you eat a lot." She not only gives negative feedback she knows how to give positive, "you're so hot," she whispered as she angled her head, giving him better access to her throat. "Full of muscle, no give." She raked her short nails over his abs, and he bucked uncontrollably." I mean she gives great compliments she knows how to stroke Mike's ego, "right back at you, Mr. Huge. Damn, Mike. You really have a big d***." Mike he gives unusual compliments, "your cheeks are pink. I just spanked and effed you, and now you're blushing. You are too cute." He laughed when she smacked his chest." I loved this book I only read this one and the first one in the series I'm thinking I need to go back and read the other two. 

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