Friday, October 31, 2014

Claiming His Fate by Ellis Leigh

I really loved how Rebel had some self control when it came to Charlotte, "who did this?" My voice was a deep, throaty rumble. My wolf wanted his turn, needed vengeance on whoever harmed his mate, but I fought the instinct." I think Rebel is pleased by some of his mate's actions, "one second, I stood in the doorway watching Charlotte eye-eff me, the next, her tongue was in my mouth and her hips were pressing against mine, making my c*** practically weep in happiness." There are times Charlotte needs to update her man on human mumbo jumbo, "if by 'have coffee' you mean have hot makeup sex on every available flat surface in this house, then yes. We will have lots and lots of coffee." I love shifters and when they're bada** and ride motorcycles it's a given I read the book, I'm totally going to love this series and I can't wait to dive in to book 2. 

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