Monday, October 27, 2014

Undefeated by Melissa Cutler

Liam he's a man that goes after what he wants, "he stepped partially in front of her, his left hip pressing into her right one. "I want your time and your attention, Marlena Brodie." He can be bossy when the man is turned on, "he let go of his d*** before he tipped completely over the edge of control, then he dropped back into his chair. "Forget your nipple. Get over here and feed me those fingers. Right the eff now." Also the mad is well endowed and knows it, "he loved his d*** and was proud of how hung he was. And as soon as he got her all the way relaxed and aroused, he was going to show her exactly what he and his big d*** were capable of." He is very accommodating in altering plans, "he swaggered closer and lowered his voice. "So we stop by your place. I eff you. Then we go dancing." I really loved this book. 

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