Monday, October 27, 2014

Bite Me by C.C. Wood

First of all where the hell is this Scottish accent everyone is talking about I sure as heck didn't see it, but despite me not seeing the hot accent Conner didn't lose any hotness points from me, "his smile was lazy and satisfied. "It's fine, Donna. More than fine. Your bit would be considered foreplay by most vampires. It was extremely arousing." I have to say I find Conner's Stamina a huge turn on, "he grinned, flashing that damn dimple at me. "Yes, again." He smacked my a** playfully. "This time you get to do all the work." The man is practically indestructible and he loves battle scars from his woman, "he glanced over his shoulder at his back with a smirk. "Yes. You must have dug deeply into my skin. Otherwise it would have healed by now." When he saw the horrified look on me face, he laughed again. 'Don't worry, Donna. I enjoyed it almost as much as you being bitten." Donna is a feisty little thing and that girl doesn't back down from a fight no matter what she's wearing or in this case isn't, "goddammit, Donna. You are staying home today." Wearing only a lacy black bra and panties, I put my hands on my hips and stared at the big, stupid vampire standing between me and my clothes." This book suited my reading needs perfectly, paranormal, humor and of course the hot bouts of sex.

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