Friday, October 31, 2014

This Weakness for You by Wendy Sparrow

So much humor in this book, I loved Christa, "it's not like I haven't seen it anyway," she said, smirking. "You've been here naked since around midnight when I left Lucifer out for a couple minutes - you sleep fairly deeply." The girl has no filter, "nope, we made out for a while in the middle of the night. But in my defense, you started it, and I thought you were awake up until you started talking about pancaked. You put up a good show of being awake." Jordan has no filter either, "you have a different scent when you're approaching fertility. I can't help knowing. Male lycans know when their females are fertile." Christa's dad is the real star of this book I loved him to bits, "you know, I thought I'd seen everything in 'Nam, but a naked man running through the forest carrying a semiautomatic...that's new." I hope other pack members of Jordan's get a book because this author will really have something with that series. 

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