Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Collector's Society by Heather Lyons

NEXT BOOK NOW!! I was quite pleased with the ending, yes this is a start of a new series but to me the author didn't leave us hanging. I mean it wasn't exactly a HEA, you know there's more to come but it wasn't a 'I'm going to kill you now if I don't find out what happens' kind of cliffhanger. Mary that girl was s*** she was a damn hoot, "finish buttoning up your pants. Your blue boxer briefs are distracting me." She nudges the man next to her. "See? I keep telling you boxer briefs are the way to go. Look at how yummy they can be." Finn and Alice right off the bat had chemistry and I loved how protective he was, "he reaches out and gently tilts my head. "Did that a**hole hit you in the face?" He's also well...he's a little shy, "I'm sorry," he says to me, half embarrassed, half amused. "It's not like I've ever had to find one of there here before..." He clears his throat, giving me a look so hot, so meaningful, my insides melt to liquid lust. "Obviously, I don't bring women I date back to the Institute. So..." These two can be very affectionate and I loved it, "I believe you kissed me earlier." Even still, I curl my fingers in his wrinkled shirt so I can pull him closer. "Remember? And there were all those times I kissed you in the shower. We've been kissing all evening to be honest." I would be very grateful is the author hurries up on the next book. 

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