Friday, October 24, 2014

Tempting Fate by Brinda Berry

Collin is sure caught off guard multiple times when it comes to Veronica, "lock. The door has a lock.You should always lock the door." What an a**. I'm babbling like she's the first naked female I've seen. Granted, she's got a rack on her that would make most guys speechless." Veronica it seems likes to surprise Collin when he's least expecting it, "we tumble back, Collin enveloping his arms around me. He crashes into the floor and I'm braced on top of him. "I didn't say hit me like a linebacker," he says through a moan. "I think you broke my back." Yeah the girl can take care of herself. Collin really help Veronica bring herself back from where ever she was he gives her the confidence she needs to feel like a woman, "more?" he asks, as if mocking my earlier lack of direction. I sit up and reach out a hand to the waist of his jeans. A blush steals into my face, hotter than an oven on broil. He grins. "Help yourself. I'm trusting you to take what you want. I'm all yours." I enjoyed reading this book and especially Collin.

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