Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seeing Clearly by Casey McMillin

*************************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*******************************

This book was an alright read for me, I mean I powered through it. Joel he's kind of a jealous one, "I can't stand to see you with another guy," he said. "I'm not okay with seeing him put his hands on you."  He's not one to hide things he's like a caveman like that wants the world to know Gretchen is his girl, "yes I would Gretchen. I'm not ashamed of kissing you. I want to do it again. If you'd let me. I'd take you out there so our audience can see a reenactment live and in person." He's a great guy with a good heart, "I don't think that, I just want it to be mine. I want you to be mine. I just asked doesn't matter It's mine." He smiled at me. "You both are." As I said it was an okay read.

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