Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Beautiful Thought by Alicia Rae

Love the cover and I loved this book. Gail and Damon have a hot relationship, "he gently tossed me onto his bed and crawled over me. I snuck my bare feet into the waistband of his gray lounging pants and boxers and tugged them down. His firm length jutted forward. "And what's that?" I queried." Damon he has proper etiquette when it comes to his and Gail's relationship, "boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to share showers," he said with a wolfish grin. he began stripping off his clothes. "So, quit being selfish," he added jokingly." Sometimes Damon has to have a firm hand with his girl when it comes to his feelings because Gail just sometimes overthinks things, "understand this, Gail." I looked directly into her eyes. "You are in my bed because I want you to be, not because it's convenient since we are roommates."  Our girl can be a little temptress and playful, "I winked at him and gently pinched his a** before walking off. "Careful there," he threatened good-naturedly. "Or I'll veto those plans of yours." I really loved this book. 

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