Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Prince Charming by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue

Killian that boy doesn't mess around when it comes to something he wants he is bluntly honest, "I want you. I've fantasized about having you. I've touched myself with the force of it. Is that what you want to hear? I've wrapped my fingers around my c*** and pretended to be inside you, instead. And when I came, it was your name on my lips." He gives out such nice compliments, "your 'rags' are the hottest things you've ever worn." I pushed my body closer to hers, purposely sliding my c*** against her cleft, grinding against her even harder than I had in the office a few hours ago. "And God help me, dancing's the only beginning of what I want to do with you." Killian is just one of those people who's like intense in everything he does, "I kissed her with brutal impatience. "If I can't be inside you soon, fairy, they'll be able to use my c*** on all four of those layers." I really enjoyed this book, I loved Killian.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for these lovely words!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for these lovely words!