Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Curse Defiers by Densie Grover Swank

Okeus is one blunt mofo, "there's no need to be so dramatic, Ellie. I don't plan on stealing your virtue today, although I have to wonder how much virtue you actually possess." He placed both hands on the arms of the chair and grinned. "You were about to eff Collin on a public beach in front of families and children." David he's still swoon worthy, "he pushed me back down. "Did I mention how sexy you looked standing in my doorway last night, wearing my shirt with nothing on underneath?" Collin he's so protective, "he grabbed my chin and tipped my face up so that our eyes met. "If you give yourself over to him to save me, I will find the effing Sword of Galaha, hunt Okeus down, and neuter the bas**** myself." I really can't choose between David and Collin so personally I think Ellie should just be in a menage relationship with them, it solves all their jealousy problems. 

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