Saturday, September 27, 2014

Seduction and Surrender by Calie MacKay

Quinn he's not one for beating around the bush, "I'm sure you'll somehow manage, and since you are the girl I want in my bed, I'll happily overlook a stumble or two, especially when I'll be the one who'll be there to catch you." He's very abrupt, "sweetheart...I'm happy to call you whatever you'd like as long as it's my name on your lips when you come." I mean the boy just doesn't have an embarrassing bone in his body, "at least you've managed to remain upright. Your abilities seem...greatly improved. And sweetheart, I'll most certainly look at your legs if you're looking at my c***." He's very protective and soothing when his girl is going through a rough patch, "we'll rebuild it, Emma. I promise. And whoever did this to you will effing pay. I swear, love, I won't rest until then." His entire body reverberated with anger as he held onto her." I'm going to like this series a lot.

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