Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stay With Me by J. Lynn

Jax is a touchy feely boy in his sleep, "his breathing hadn't changed, it was still deep and steady, but the hand curved along my hip started to slide. A shiver chased after his hand, and my chest rose sharply against the side of his body. His hand cupped lower. Jax cupped my butt cheek. Totally hands-on, cupped my butt cheek." Come to find out our boy just wanted an excuse to touch her, "his head lowered until I felt his nose brush mine, and I tensed. "It's interesting how much I liked waking up with my hand on your a** and my leg between yours." I mean he just states his intentions and that is a good thing, "I've already told you that I want to eff you. You can't forget that." Also it's very important to know what your man drinks ladies, it tells you what kind of man he truly is, "I have fruit punch, too. Not the generic s***. Capri Sun." The more time Calla spends with Jax the more she gets bold, "I bit down on my lip as my fingers skated around his navel and reached the band on his black boxer briefs. With a deep breath, I slipped my fingers under the band. He caught my wrist. "You want to touch me?" This one was my favorite out of the series. 

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