Friday, September 26, 2014

Adrastia by Kamery Solomon

I enjoyed Cristos proudness about himself, "I'm really good at tracking and exacting punishment," I said, slamming one of the cupboards shut as more footsteps sounded on the second floor. "Sometime's there's lightning involved." He's so honest, "If 
I'd wanted to take you, I would have," he glowered. "But I'm not that kind of man. You would do well to stop assuming I am." When all is calm and good between Avalon and Cristos I enjoyed reading the scenes so much especially one, "I didn't remember you coming to bed," she whispered, laughter shaking her small frame. "I don't know who else I thought it was, but I was just making sure." You'll have to read the book to finish the scene but that was my favorite out of the book. 

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