Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finder Fees by Kelly Gendron

My favorite book out of the series, I loved J.T that boy is really hard on for Sloan, "eff! My c*** stiffens, and my hand clenches. I want nothing more than to grab her, drag her sassy a** to bed, flip her over my sturdy knee, and spank her hard." I mean the boy is full of surprises, "not until he puts the thick, long phallus dangling between his thighs away do I snap out of my stupor. "I-I can't believe you just walked out here butt-a** naked." I mean he also has to make sure Sloan understands things, "but I need to be sure you understand what's going on here. Besides effing you, I have every intention of making you mine." He withdraws, reentering with more agility. "You will belong to me." He's also a man who knows when he's done wrong, "look, I get it. You're pi**ed, but baby, if you'd just stop this bulls***, sit down, and hear me out..." I really did love this one. 

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