Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beast part four by Ella James

Boy have the tables have turned this time around it's Beast's Angel whose giving him demands, "you don't have a choice," I say. "You're mine." I pull his c*** up off his belly, lick around the head and shaft." Beast has some demons and we see them more in this book then all the others combined, "I can't bring myself to tell her not to touch me, so I try my best to smile back at her. "You saying I look like s***, Angel?" I mean when the man is down his woman has learned to take control and boy doesn't Beast like it, "which is why I'm so lucky she plants her palms against my chest and pushes me against the mirrors. My d*** is hard already, but it juts up, making a tent of my work out shorts." I can't wait to see what fairytale Ella decides to remake next.  

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