Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Affliction by Kelly Mooney

This book was seriously different from Kelly's other books, I mean there was drug usage, and lots of adult content (not that I'm complaining on that part) Our main man Brody is a good guy he just needs to get over the rough patch he's going through but even through everything that's going on with him you can tell he'd do anything to keep his girl safe, "Sam, I went to bat for you. Shane was coming after you and I'm telling you as a friend that he would never, ever take the word 'no' outta your mouth. I had to stake a claim or you were a free target. Now, we need to prove it." When these two are together at first there's tension:
            "Are you going to make me have sex with you?" She blurted out before he even made it back to the bed.
            "Do you want to have sex with me?" 
Our girl Sam has had rough patches and with Brody's bluntness it sometimes makes for an awkward conversation, "you think the best part of effing is the kissing? Babe, who the eff have you been with?" As the book continues we see Brody make small changes for himself and he tries things that make him uncomfortable so his girl will be happy, "yeah, all right. But, Sam just so you know straight up boring, missionary sex and me don't go well together. But I will most certainly try to do this for you tonight." He's also an eager beaver when he hasn't seen his woman in awhile, "please tell me you live close because I'm about to rip off that sweet little dress and bury myself in you right here in the parking lot." Overall I enjoyed the book I wasn't expecting the content that I read from Kelly but I'm so used to her writing that I'm glad she could surprise me and spice it up a little. 

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