Saturday, August 30, 2014

Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden

Generally I don't read menage books but two things made me realize this one, one Milly wrote the damn thing, and two werewolves DUH! Okay on to the hotties of the story those boys sure don't mind showing Tally what she does to them, "she inhaled sharply. Her ragged breaths and almost inaudible moan made his c*** jerk. He slid a hand down her back to the curve of her and pressed her into him. He wanted her body cradling his c***." Theron and Connor are naughty boys that like to make sure their woman knows they want her, "baby, I more than like what I see. You've got me so hard." He gripped his shaft in his hand and stroked up and down in a bold move. "I can't wait to eff you." The way these boys explain things to Tally are just sexy and it's like talk to me like that, "our mating process isn't over until we've both had you. Every way possible." Theron licked his lips. "Once we have, then you can have all the warm baths you want. Until then..." He pulled her head toward his and kissed her. "We eff." This will be another series that Milly exceeds in. 

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