Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tempting Mr. Perfect by Rebecca Rose

Dave knows how to push boundaries and get all up in Kathy's space personally I don't think the girl minds, "I liked seeing you getting all aggressive with me, Kathy. You've got more spunk than you let on. Very, very sexy," he whispered and brought his face closer to hers." I mean he doesn't allow his mother's phone interupt their naughty activities, "she's stuttering so I'm taking that as a yes...No, I'm not pushing her into anything she doesn't want to do...Mom, please don't do that..." He cupped the back of kathy's head and with the phone still his ear, Dave kissed her brainless. "What? Yeah, you were interrupting something...No,, I'm not being fresh." He's just a funny, easy going guy that you can't help but love, "really? There's nothing you want to share? Or do you randomly yell at people on the phone? Because if that's what you do, let me know. We could always use it as a form of foreplay." With a devilish laugh, he added, "Then have makeup sex." Yeah this book was entertaining and really good.

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