Friday, August 29, 2014

Play Date by Kate Donovan

Holy s*** I love Bam he's hot, sexy, and well knows how to go a few rounds, "but he really was getting hard again, and she actually gasped in dismay. "You can't be serious. Put me down. Or at least..." Her libido staged a rapid comeback. 'We need to use a condom this time. That was completely irresponsible of us." Bam he doesn't beat around the bush, "I didn't call to check on you. I want to schedule a re-bang. Hopefully for next weekend. We can go anywhere you want. Hawaii, Cabo, you name it." He's not a bashful person either, "you want to see my junk?" he said with a grin. "May, you're dirty." He pulled off his pants and boxers in two quick movements, then discarded the used condom in a nearby waste bin and moved close enough to exhibit his half-erect pe**s proudly. "Here you go." He can be a tad bit bossy but I don't think Rachel minds, "yeah, I know. Story time, right? I'll just head over to your place." His eyes twinkled. "Come straight home this time. Don't stop for rubbers or beer." 

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