Friday, August 29, 2014

All He Wants by Anna Cruise

Stuart hasn't changed one bit where is lady is concerned, "then what the hell is the problem?" he asked. "Get on the plan tomorrow and get your a** down here." I mean the boy is an animal when he and his girl has been apart for a long while, "I missed you," he whispered. "I missed being with you. And I missed effing you." I fell in love with Stuart all over again in this book, "I call them both." He nipped my ear with his teeth. Goosebumps sprouted on my neck, traveling down my arms. "They're practically deaf. And blind. They won't hear or see a thing. Besides, I've never effed a girl in my room," he murmured, his breath against my neck. "It's sort of been a fantasy of mine." I think Stuart is really great for Annika he brings out a side that is almost bearable for me to like, and Annika she brings out a side of Stuart that isn't just about helping people, "we need to stop talking about sex," Stuart said. he rubbed my fingers with his thumb. "You're giving me a boner." I want a book where it's in Stuart's point of view. 

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