Monday, July 21, 2014

The Deep End by AM Hartnett

At the beginning this book was just weird to me, it may not be weird to others, but it was just weird. Jacques has to have control there is no room for negotiation or arguments, "the conversation is over, Miss Neely. You should be focused on what you can do for me, and right now you can show me how you finger-eff yourself." I don't think Jacques means to hurt people he just is brutally honest, "do you want me to treat you like some sort of wh***?" Out of nowhere, he suddenly sounded angry. "To bring you here like I do the others? To keep you and pay you so I can do what I want to you?" Deep down he is a caring guy he just shows it strangely, or actually he just doesn't know how to show it, "he slid his hands to her a** and cradled her as she started to rock. He squeezed down and she winced. His dark brows came together in a sharp line. "I did hurt you." Personally I think Jacques is a deep person and doesn't know how to really show emotions. I liked reading this book after it got over it's weirdness it had on me. 

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